Resolu's (company) doctor is an advisor expert in the field of work and health for both you and your former employer. He/she will map out your capacity and advise on the possibilities of working. The (company) doctor has to deal with medical confidentiality, is bound by medical confidentiality and is a strictly neutral and independent professional. They follow various protocols and guidelines, including in the field of your condition, professional conduct and privacy. He/she A (company) doctor is a first-line doctor with extensive knowledge of mental and physical disorders and also identifies the other factors that can affect your employability or hinder reintegration. The (company) doctor usually does not treat himself, but can advise you on possible treatment. Moreover, he/she understands social legislation and is aware of the rights and obligations of all parties involved.

Within Resolu we work with doctors (under the supervision of a company doctor), insurance doctors and company doctors.

The (company) doctor will help you to return to work as quickly and responsibly as possible during your absence. This can also be step-by-step or in alternative suitable work, for example. The (company) doctor is not allowed to talk about your illness with your employer, general practitioner or medical specialist without your permission. The doctor may ask you for permission to do so. The (company) doctor is not allowed to let your former employer know what your symptoms are, what illness you have or what treatment you are receiving. However, your former employer may be informed about the restrictions for work, what you can and cannot do, give a possible prognosis and advise you on which adjustments you can make (partially) work again.

The staff physician of Resolu monitors the continuity and quality of the guidance of the medical professionals and can therefore - only for that purpose - look into your file.

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