No more paying unnecessary costs

WGA guidance is for former employees who enter the WGA after the period of the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter. If you are self-insurer for the WGA, it is your responsibility to guide these ex-employees. You are obliged to do so until there are possibilities for the labor market or until an IVA can be awarded to this ex-employee. This period can last ten years. These ten years start after the wage payment obligation of 104 weeks. One sick ex-employee can give you a total of twelve years of financial loss. Good supervision of ex-employees who enter the WGA is therefore of great importance. We can relieve you of this burden and guide your former employee in the best possible way.

Personal WGA guidance

We speak the ex-employee regularly, both by phone and in person. We assess whether the capacity has increased and whether there are possibilities for work again, so that the ex-employee is 0-35 percent incapacitated for work and can leave the WGA. If the capacity does not improve, we seek to demonstrate severity and permanence so that ex-employee is awarded an IVA. All actions revolve around damage control for the employer and fair treatment of the ex-employee. If applicable, we support in an objection and/or appeal procedure.

Whether or not to be self-insured for the WGA

When you are about to make the choice whether or not to become self-insurer for the WGA, we can carry out a check on the files already present in the claim burden. We can recover any wrongful attribution, and we may see opportunities to remove employees from the claim burden more quickly. This can give you a better financial proposal from your insurer for the future. After all, your risk profile improves.

WGA reassessment

It may be that even though the employee is sick out of service, he or she experiences a change in his or her health. This may mean that the employee has more or less ability to work. It is then possible to request a WGA reassessment.

It is advisable to request a WGA reassessment at least once a year. This way, you can prevent unjustified overpayment of payroll and possible WGA premiums. This way, you keep a grip on your WGA expenses.


Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

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