Resolu helps with Sickness Benefits Act guidance

Is your organization self-insured for Sickness Benefits act and/or WGA? Yes, then this service is for you. No, not yet we are investigating it, click here.

This service applies to former employees who leave your employment sick or who report sick to the UWV within 28 days of leaving your employment. If you are self-insurer for the Sickness Benefits Act, you have the responsibility to assist these ex-employees. You are obliged to do this until they have possibilities for the labor market again or, if this is not feasible, they enter the WGA.

In total, you run the risk of paying for an ex-employee for 12 years. The first two years under the Sickness Benefits Act or an obligation to continue paying wages, and the last ten years under the WGA at your own risk. Good supervision of ex-employees who enter the Sickness Benefits Act is of great importance in order to minimize the current and subsequent damage. Resolu takes this guidance off your hands. During this guidance, we adopt an assertive and creative approach, keeping legislation and regulations in mind. The (registered) case manager meets regularly with the ex-employee to check whether his or her workload has increased and there are possibilities for work again. Our doctor assesses the medical condition of the ex-employee. All actions revolve around damage control for the employer and fair treatment of the employee. You can take the Sickness Law counseling with or without benefit processing.


Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

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