Objection and appeal pays off

You can object to almost any decision of the UWV. For example, a wage sanction, a WIA decision, a first-year assessment and a rejection of the safety net. Assessing (medical) files and conducting objection proceedings requires specialist knowledge. There are various grounds on which we can start an objection procedure. The general perception is often that this could only be on medical grounds. This is often the case, but there are certainly other avenues to explore. For example, an objection can be made on employment grounds, but also on procedural grounds.

We can carry out this entire process for you, with the objective of reducing your organization's Sickness and Disability Insurance Act costs and giving the employee a fair chance of receiving the benefits appropriate to their limitations and employable potential. When the entire procedure is completed, you will receive a report from us with any follow-up advice.


Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

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