Almost every (former) employer has received a letter from the UWV stating that the UWV wants to impose a fine. Sometimes the employer knows this is coming, and sometimes it comes unexpectedly.

Reason for fine

There are several reasons for which an employer can be fined by the UWV:

  • Reporting late sick leave to the UWV;
  • Reporting late/ (partially) recovered/ sick as a result of safety net notification, think sick due to pregnancy, organ donation, no risk policy;
  • Reporting late better for full recovery after the 42nd week if employment is involved;
  • Reporting late recovery to an ERD Sickness file.

All of the above examples must be reported to the UWV within two business days.


The fines from the UWV are 70 euros, 230 euros or 455 euros. It depends on the severity of the offense and also possibly depends on how many days late the notification was given to the UWV. The UWV often still gives the employer the opportunity to state any reasons.


It is important to make all of these notifications on time. Are you late for any reason? Then still provide the notification. The return of a no risk policy can often outweigh any penalty the UWV may impose.

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