General questions

We would also like to get to know you! You can get in touch with us in various ways. We can be reached during office hours at 088 032 24 90 or by email at Click here for a contact form.

Resolu works throughout the Netherlands and has consulting rooms near you! The address of our main office is: Fultonbaan 56-60, 3439 NE Nieuwegein.

We always want to keep improving our services, which is why we welcome your feedback. Please contact our quality team at To best help you, we ask that you include your name, your contact person and the label/company and complaint in the message. Optionally, you can also include here the name of the person you are complaining about and possibly your date of birth (not a requirement) so that we can link the particular complaint to the case.

Specific questions

If you have a question about a service, you can easily contact us at or at 088 032 24 90. It is also possible to request more information directly by service page.

You can do so easily through our website. When you click on one of the services, you can easily request more information at the bottom of the page. Of course, it is also possible to contact us directly at or at 088-0322490.

When you meet your case manager, you will also immediately receive his or her contact information. Should your case manager be absent, please contact him or her by calling 088 032 24 90 or at

If you wish to reschedule or change an appointment, please contact your case manager. If you do not (yet) have a case manager, please contact us at or at 088-0322490.

Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

Are you looking for guidance and clear information when applying for Sickness Act and WGA benefits? Receive expert help and find out everything you need to know to go through the application process smoothly.