Resolu provides customized training and workshops

Employers are required to make a commitment to sick employees who are at risk of leaving employment. They are expected to provide reintegration support to prevent absenteeism and damages as much as possible. The costs of employees who leave sick are individually borne by large employers. Often employers decide to become self-risk bearers to retain more control over claims. At the same time, they must do so in an environment that is constantly changing, for example, changing legislation, court rulings and privacy. These are topics that require up-to-date knowledge.

Resolu provides customized training courses and workshops. We want to ensure that your knowledge of the Sickness Benefits Act, the WGA and the consequences of self-insurance is adequate. And that you know how you can influence the management of these risks. We look at the needs of the client and tailor the training courses and workshops to those needs.


Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

Are you looking for guidance and clear information when applying for Sickness Act and WGA benefits? Receive expert help and find out everything you need to know to go through the application process smoothly.