In the second year of illness, there is talk of recovery if you can earn 65% or more of your last-earned wages. This is tested for the first time around the first year, namely at the (first-year) sickness benefit assessment by the UWV. You may also have had this assessment later because your employment was terminated while you were sick for more than 1 year.

An improved medical situation

A TVB2 or Assessment of Improved Load Capacity is comparable to a second (first-year) sickness benefit assessment. Resolu can request this test from the UWV if the (company) doctor sees an improved medical situation, but there is not yet full recovery. The job capability list (FML) then contains fewer restrictions than the FML of the previous assessment. It is possible that at the time of the (first year) sickness benefit assessment you had an earning capacity of less than 65%. Your sickness benefit was then continued. If your recovery subsequently continues, this may mean that at some point you do have an earning capacity of 65% or more. This should be re-examined as your workload improves. If your earning capacity is 65% or more, your sickness benefit will be discontinued.

Why is Resolu applying for a TVB2?

Without full recovery, your sickness benefits will be maintained in the second year through 104 weeks of illness. If this is unjustified, the consequences are enormous. For your former employer, this could mean that they have to continue paying your benefits for longer, unjustly. But it can also have major financial consequences for you. If, for example, after applying for WIA benefit, you wrongfully received an advance payment from the UWV, there is a chance of a set-off against your unemployment benefit entitlements or a reclamation from the UWV. We always try to avoid such situations. With a TVB2 you will often have a definitive answer about your situation sooner and with less risk of unpleasant financial consequences.

Thus, for all parties, proper enforcement of the benefit is necessary to avoid (subsequent) claims.


The method of the TVB2 is similar to the method of the UWV's earlier (first-year) sickness law assessment.

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