An occupational health examination is performed by an occupational health expert, often around the first year of illness but it may be earlier or later. The labor expert advises on your reintegration options. He/she will talk with you and with your former employer. During the investigation the occupational health expert will also use the function possibilities list (FML) of the (company) doctor. If necessary, the occupational health expert will also consult with the company doctor. The examination is followed by an occupational health report. In this report the possibilities for work resumption are described.

Reintegration opportunities

An employment expert will answer at least the following questions:

  1. Can you return to your former own work with your (former) employer?
  2. Can your former own work with your (former) employer be modified?
  3. Can you reintegrate into other work with your (former) employer?
  4. Are there opportunities in the job market to guide you to other work with another employer?

By answering these questions, the labor expert determines the most optimal reintegration plan. Reintegrating with your own employer is called track 1. Reintegration with another employer is called track 2. Despite the fact that your employment contract has been terminated, during the sick leave process we will always look at your possibilities for suitable (reintegration) work at your former employer. This is due to the laws and regulations of the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter. Often an occupational health examination will also advise you to start a track 2 trajectory.

An additional occupational health examination

If your taxability has changed significantly after the occupational health examination, an additional occupational health examination may be necessary to map out your reintegration possibilities according to the new medical situation. There will then again be an assessment (an addition to the original examination) in the possibilities for suitable (reintegration) work in track 1 and track 2.

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