Reintegration check in case of incapacity for work

What is a reintegration check

During the reintegration check our (registered) case managers review some or all of your absenteeism files. They check these files for correct application of laws and regulations and see whether all possibilities have been used. Based on this check you will receive clear and concrete advice.

In addition to the reintegration check, we also check you are not missing other opportunities to reduce costs. Here, you can think of premium discounts, benefits and the recovery of costs from insurers.

Resolu - Reintegration Check

Why a reintegration check

When you employ an employee who is disabled for work, the UWV expects you, as an employer, to do everything possible to reintegrate this employee. This can be within your own organization (in his own work or other suitable work), but when this is not possible, also with another organization. The accuracy and timeliness of your actions, guidance and direction determine whether or not the UWV, at the end of the 104-week waiting period, will consider the WIA application. If the UWV finds that reintegration opportunities have been missed throughout the process, you may receive a wage penalty. Our case managers will help you minimize the costs and possibly avoid this wage penalty.


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