Get a grip with claims management

It is still often thought that you can only get a grip on the cost of claims as an own-risk bearer for the Sickness Benefits Act and/or WGA. As an ow-risk carrier you are directly responsible for the guidance during the sickness period of up to 104 weeks and the WGA period of up to 10 years. Together with an insurer/exporter, actions and interventions can be deployed to limit the claim burden. If you, as an employer, are publicly insured, this guidance lies with the UWV, which leads people to believe that there is little or no control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even as a publicly insured employer, there are possibilities to get a grip on the cost of claims. Resolu has already helped countless employers to control their claims. For example, a reintegration check or a check of the WHK decision.

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Reintegration Check
Whk Decision

Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

Are you looking for guidance and clear information when applying for Sickness Act and WGA benefits? Receive expert help and find out everything you need to know to go through the application process smoothly.