Experts in sickness law and WGA cases for employers

Resolu arose from the collaboration of the various labels within paraDIGMA groep. We help employers in all sectors to manage and resolve sickness benefit and WGA cases. We look for the right solution for maximum control over the financial risks of illness and disability.

In cooperation with our partners, Resolu can also perform a (financial) analysis for you as an employer. This will give you, as an employer, insight into the choice of whether or not to become self-insurer for the Sickness Benefits Act and/or WGA. The choice is often a financial consideration and depends on company size and wage bill.

The Resolu employs certified case managers or case managers in training. They are affiliated with the Specialist Case Management Register (RSC). As a result, they undergo continuous assessment and upskilling in the latest  knowledge in the field of social security and occupational disability. In addition, we naturally comply with privacy laws and regulations.


Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

Are you looking for guidance and clear information when applying for Sickness Act and WGA benefits? Receive expert help and find out everything you need to know to go through the application process smoothly.