You have been ill for almost a year. After the first year of illness, you have to deal with a number of processes, including the (first-year) sickness benefit assessment by the UWV. We explain step by step what this assessment entails and what the consequences are for your sickness benefit.

What is a (first-year) sickness assessment?

Even though Resolu performs the sickness benefit counseling on behalf of your (ex-)employer, the UWV continues to have an overall presence in the process. The UWV will therefore carry out the (first-year) sickness law assessment around the first year. This process begins around week 42, during which time both you and your (former) employer will be requested to provide information to the UWV.

The UWV assesses whether you are still entitled to sickness benefit and whether or not this means your sickness benefit will enter a second year. There are 3 possible decisions:

  • You can earn 65% or more of your former wage. Your sickness benefit will stop after 1 month after the UWV's decision.
  • You can earn less than 65% of your former wages. Your sick pay will continue into the second year of illness.
  • You are unable to work at the time of the assessment. Your sickness benefits will continue into the second year of illness for now.

How will this be assessed?

From the first year, your sickness benefit can be stopped if you can theoretically earn 65% or more of your former salary with your current taxability. So even if you have not yet fully recovered. The UWV will therefore calculate your disability percentage in relation to your old earnings.

  1. You will receive a questionnaire and should complete it and return it, along with your CV, via the enclosed return envelope to the UWV.
  2. Your (former) employer, or in this case the implementing party Resolu, completes the employer portion. The doctor, POB or task delegation case manager completes the medical part, which is sent from Resolu to the UWV.
  3. Once the UWV has received this information, the UWV will move the process forward and will invite you for an initial appointment with the insurance physician.
  4. The insurance physician prepares an FML, job capabilities list, and a medical report.
  5. This is followed by an appointment with the UWV's labor expert. The labor expert consults the Claims Assessment and Assurance System (CBBS) system and uses your FML to calculate your earning capacity.
  6. You will receive by mail the decision, consisting of the decision and the reports of both the insurance physician (social medical report) and the labor expert (labor expert report).
  7. Your (former) employer will receive a copy of the decision and the occupational health report, but not the medical report. We will ask you to share this report with our medical secretariat. The medical report can then be viewed by Resolu's doctor, POB or task delegation case manager. You are not required to do this, however, it helps to fine-tune your workload.

Apply for sickness benefit and WGA

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