Need for a case manager for absenteeism guidance? Then engage a (registered) case manager from Resolu!

Your organization needs a case manager to assist your (partially) incapacitated (former) employees. This could be because of a temporary capacity problem or because there is a need for specific expertise for a certain period of time. From Resolu, we offer the possibility of deploying (registered) case managers within your organization on a temporary basis.

Our case managers have extensive experience in internal absenteeism, Sickness Benefits act and WGA guidance and hold a CROV certification.


Forms and goal Secondment (registered) case manager

Benefits of seconding a case manager from Resolu


Depending on the formulated goal, a case manager may be employed to fulfill an (as yet) unfulfilled role within the absenteeism team. The case manager will then provide full support and be part of the team.

This creates space for the employer or manager to create an optimal climate in which connection, attention, safety and trust are created. This space can then be used to have constructive conversations about actions to be taken and return to the workplace.

In this form of secondment, the use of the external case manager creates space for the employer and current implementers to focus - temporarily or otherwise - on carrying out their primary duties, and developing and implementing policies.

In such a case, the external case manager plays a central role between all parties involved such as company doctors, interventionists, insurers and UWV.


Because removing complete care does not ensure development in self-direction, a broader view of case management implementation is needed.

In the case of a need for support within an existing team, a choice may be made to have an external case manager from Resolu join that team of case managers to support and coach the existing case managers.

The goal is to give employers back their own control over absenteeism so that overview, grip and development are restored.

Combining services

You can, if you wish, combine this service with one of our other services. For example, the deployment of a doctor with the right expertise or the analysis of your claim (control). If you would like more information about our deployment within your company, please contact us.

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